Skincare Series

YDP Plus

Since ancient times, Bird's Nest has been recognized as a health supplement. Some of the functions includes skin to the body rejuvenation to maintain the youthful look.

We are listed in the United States for implementing Bird's Nest extract directly to the skin via mask and other facial products. This is to enable a more rapid and effective way to gain the benefits of bird's nest by preserving the youthfulness of the skin.

Our group has been studying the application of bird's nest in skin care products, especially in liquid mask. These studies include: How to extract active components of bird's nest? How to keep the active ingredients of bird's nest to the maximum extent? How to make the active ingredient of bird's nest easy to absorb on the skin? How to match with other skin care ingredients to add the Bird's Nest Extract to the skin care efficiency to achieve the ultimate effect? How to make skin care products containing bird's nest active ingredients have a longer shelve life? How to Make Skin Care Products Containing Active Components of Bird's Nest safe for consumers?

Because of our efforts, our group has made remarkable achievements in the extraction of active compounds from bird's nest and apply it to our skin care products such as facial mask, cleanser, creams, tonner, tonics and Serum. Our company has put in more than three years of research into the products, making our products more and more popular with our consumers.