The Value Innovation Company


Capital Market (Finance & Equity)

Fellazo Corp. led by a team of nancial experts has an ultimate goal in leading the corporation to be public listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by 2018. It practises the principle of zero-risk in all its corporate exercises, giving the maximum comfort to its stakeholders.


Information & Communication Technology, ICT (Big Data)

Fellazo is an international technology innovator company delivering mobile business platforms and services with the brand innovation value known as MobizApps.


Gold (Gold Mine)

Gold has been an international measure of wealth practically since the dawn of history. It is an ever sustainable industry which has a guaranteed growth.


Energy (Oil & Gas)

Oil and gas industry led by AE Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is investing in world market leaders of the petroleum and oil rig manufacturing sector. The company is responsible to generate an annual revenue of over USD250 million a year.


Healthcare (Biotechnology Facilities Construction)

Oriental Mace (OM) Construction Sdn. Bhd. is formed by a group of well-experienced construction professionals, with exceptional knowledge in building biotechnology facilities such as vaccine and pharmaceutical plant, hospital, and medical research center.

Li Ka Shing

"When something new appears,
do it when only 5% of people knows about it,
this is seizing the opportunity,
the moment when 50% of people knows about it,
just become a consumer will do."


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