We are Fellazo Corp.

FELLAZO Corp. (NYSE-OTCQB, FLLZ) is a leading Portfolio Investment Company, embracing the practices and influences of Oriental's wisdom and knowledge in the modern corporate world. Fellazo's corporate office is situated in the headquarter of 'Huazong' (The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia), an OTCQB public listed company 'FLLZ' registered in Nevada, United States of America with authorised shares of 7.7 billion. The company is in the midst of listing in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by 2018.

The corporation has 5 anchor industries of the world, Capital market (Financial and Equity), Information & Communication Technology, ICT (Big Data), Gold (Gold Mine), Energy (Oil and Gas), and Healthcare (Biotechnology Facilities Construction), in generating future value of USD77 billion!

Our Strategic Platforms

Corporate & Capital01

Oriental Mace Group Berhad - a major shareholder of Versatile Creative Berhad (KLSE – BURSA Main Board, 4995)

Business & Commercial02

Asia Loyalty Corporation (HK) - strategic partnership with over 500 subsidiaries conglomerate, Wuzhen Ledian Group in China, with an annual revenue over USD600 million

FELLAZO Headquater in "Huazong"

(The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia)

FELLAZO Wuzhen Ledian, China

Annual General Meeting, 2016 ( Over 500 subsidaries )