Swallow Ecological Park Development

We are the world's first company to introduce the concept of “Swallow Ecological Park”. The revolutionary plan of the Swallow Ecological Park has successfully transformed the swiftlet farming from an individual business model into an international business opportunity. The Group employs professional farming and harvesting methods in more than 600 swift houses in Malaysia to ensure the continued production of high-end, safe and humanitarian bird's nest.
The Board of Directors and management of the Fellazo Group decided to enter the downstream of the bird's nest by commercializing the unique products derived from research and development. This is a bold decision. The research and development work was carried out by government agencies such as the Agricultural Biotechnology Agency (ABI), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and the prestigious institutions of higher learning such as the University of Technology Malaysia (UTeM | Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka) to analyze Processing, extracting, researching and exploring the feasibility of injecting edible bird's nest into functional foods, health care products and skin care products, and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage for the company.

Swallow Ecological Park Concept