Bird's nest collection

Fellazo Corp has the largest bird's nest collection factory in Malaysia and leads the industry with a monthly turnover of at least 5,000 kg.

The 100 birdhouses of the Fellazo Corp Bird House are all located in the zero pollution and green area to ensure the natural quality of the bird's nest.

Quarantine protection

High standard of hygiene
6A Class 4 Aseptic Operation
Handmade dry pick hair
No chemical bleaching

The production process of Yanbaolitang Bird's Nest has gone through rigorous processing and control to ensure the high quality of its bird's nest.
Yanbaolitang's processing plant is set up at the The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong)

Yanduopin Raw Bird's Nest Factory

Representatives of 500 subsidiaries from China visits our Yanduopin Raw Bird’s nest factory.

The bird's nest brand Yanduopin

Yanduopin is a bird's nest management center in Malaysia that has obtained ISO22000 international food safety management certification.

Our premium bird's nest is sourced from 16 Malaysian certified bird's nest merchants. The collected bird's nest is sent to our state-of-the-art, most hygienic cleaning center and processed according to ISO22000 standards.

Listening with heart, handling with heart, conscience making Yan Duo Pin products uphold the best belief to customers, in the process of making bird's nest, we have undergone rigorous verification, careful treatment, every step is perfect.

At the same time, we are also very honored to be the designated brand bird's nest at the Chinese New Year Banquet of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia in 2016 and 2017!


Fellazo group will also open its first "YDP PAVILION CAFE” in ZhuHai China. In recent years, as a new generation of disruptive applications, blockchain technology has become the hottest topic at present, and the global competitive development blockchain technology, but it is especially rare to find a coffee shop about blockchain information and bird's nest information! This bird's nest living hall includes the bird's nest related products, the bird's nest coffee quality, the swallow's interior layout, the strong Asian style, and the promotion of bird's nest as the business concept.

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