Fellazo Corp

Chief Corporate Adviser, Fellazo Corp (China)

Prof Dr. Huang Minxi

Group Chief Executive Officer Fellazo Corp

Dato' Antheny Yap

Fellazo Bhd Chief Executive Officer

Dato Jones Choo

Head, Group Media & Creative

Mr. Alan Tan, Jin-Wai

Since its inception in 2013, the Fellazo Group has rapidly revolutionized the rapid opening of Malaysia's local swallowing and bird's nest industry. Fellazo Group is the first company in the world to master the entire bird's nest industry chain, from Swiftlet House – Raw Birdnests Supply- Wholesale -Processing Factory – Export – OEM - Retail & eCommerce Platform, including Blockchain. It is planned to establish the first “Swiftlet Ecological Park” initiated by Malaysia in 2020 and jointly develop, certify, associate and expand strategically with the Malaysian Technical University of Malacca (UTeM). However, this is only the beginning of a greater achievement. In addition, we also hope to obtain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for our products and new drugs developed with bird's nest efficacy.

In the next 15 years

The Group strives to be

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